Never again should anyone

be denied opportunities in life based on their education background.

Building the human capital

developing countries need to compete for jobs and investments in an increasingly globalized world.

It is education, data, and new technology, that will transform developing countries.

Today’s adolecents will be tomorrow’s citizens, leaders, workers, and parents. A good education is an investment with enduring benefits. And the best way to equip these adolescents for the future is to mary their learning to their schooling.

Enable Students

Is everyone getting a chance at education?

Empower Teachers

Are the ones given a chance actually learning?

Enhance Careers

Is what they are learning in school relevant for work and life?


Engage Communities

Is there a degree of engagement and participation in communities?


Solving education challenges in developing countries.


To use data in schools to improve students learning, teaching practices, and schools needs.


To empower teachers to learn and use Google technology in schools for teaching.


To fund adolescents’ school needs like schooling, learning, tutoring, and lifelong growth.

What We DO

We are helping educators and schools administrators shift their focus from simply reporting test results to using data-to-drive innovative ideas and improve instructions in schools.


out-of-school in developing countries


do not have tools to communicate data


Not competent in reading and mathematics

Doing something does change everything.

Give your Time.

Sometimes, the most precious thing we can give is our time.

Give your Talent.

Serve on our Board of Directors or Executives Team.

Give your Treasure.

Every act of monetary giving creates more kindness. 

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