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How Our Sponsorship works


Search for the student story that speaks to you.
We partner with local school leaders, social workers, and community leaders on the field to identify economically disadvantaged communities, schools with low enrollment and retention rates, and families struggling to send their kids to school. All students are carefully vetted to make sure your contribution has the most lasting impact.


Select the student’s story you connect with the most.**
Select the student you want to sponsor from a wide variety of students’ stories. We believe in the power of connection. So we aspire for you to feel connected to your student and for their dream and aspirations to be equally relevant to you as well. We feature students in a straightforward way to get you inspired by each student’s goal, grade, or gender.


Sponsor your student to fund their education.**
You just made education accessible to your student(s). Your sponsorship’s primary goal is to help us ensure that family situations don’t get in the way of kids’ education. With your contribution, you provide the student with their best chance to go, stay, and be successful in school. We have a team of people assigned to the management of your relations with your students. That is how seriously we care about connection.